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Is the CDL Warrior App Compliant with Regulations?

Yes. CDL Warrior is compliant with ‘paper’ logbook regulation (49 CFR 395.8) and electronic records regulation (49 CFR 390.31). Please note, while many inspectors accept the electronic version or email version, some inspectors may insist on a paper copy of log. Therefore, we recommend that drivers have ability to print log in cab.

UPDATE: On July 10, 2014 the FMCSA released clarification to make it explicit that a Record of Duty Status (RODS) completed and signed electronically on a smartphone is compliant with existing regulations (395.8). To see the clarification as published in Federal Register website, CLICK HERE

What is CDL Warrior all about?

CDL Warrior is focused on creating smartphone based tools for independent owner-operators, company drivers and fleet owners. Our goal is to create tools that help drivers save time, avoid violations and earn more on the road.

How much does the CDL Warrior Driver App cost?

The app is free for commercial drivers. In the future, we will make money through advertisements and additional value added, opt-in services for fleet owners and small fleets.

Is CDL Warrior an ELD, EOBR or an AOBRD?

No. CDL Warrior is a paper logbook on a smartphone. It is not compliant with regulations for AOBRD (395.15) and does not have a connection to engine, which is a requirement of the proposed EOBR/ELD regulations.

How do I print my Logbooks?

The app is designed to print directly from your phone using a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled printer. The app can print with or without internet connection, though to print multiple days in a single files, an internet connection is needed.

You will need to download your printer’s corresponding App to enable printing. Please see your printer instruction manual for appropriate app or search app store by the brand of printer you own.

Will CDL Warrior be Compliant with Proposed ELD Mandate?

No. This version of the app was designed to solve drivers’ current headaches completing paper logbooks and to help drivers transition to the new ‘ELD” environment.